NFL Week 1



To start off the NFL season the 2021 Super bowl winners, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, went up against the Dallas Cowboys. With Dak coming back from an ankle injury from last October the Cowboys organization was looking to see if he was ready to be their leader once again. Lucky Dak threw for 403 yards and 3 touchdowns. On the other side of the stadium, Brady threw for 379 yards. The Buccaneers ended up on top of week one with a 31- 29 victory.

Another game that NFL fans were excited to see was the Packers vs the Saints. Sadly for the Packers, they were blown out by the Saints 3-38 with Rodgers throwing for an abysmal 133 yards and having the worst game of his NFL career, but hey at least Mason Cassady made the field goal.

By far the game of the week was the Las Vegas Raiders v Baltimore Ravens in Las Vegas. Ty Willams opened up the days scoring with the only touchdown in the first quarter. Lamar then found ‘Hollywood’ Brown in the 2nd quarter giving the Ravens a 14 point lead. Later Jacobs would put the Raiders on the scoreboard with a rushing t0ouchdown making it 7-14. The First half was then closed out with Carr driving his team down the field to finish with a field goal making it 10-14 at the half.

In the 2nd half, the Ravens stretched their lead out with a field goal of their own making it 17-10 midway through the 3rd quarter. Then early in the final quarter, the Raiders running back Jacobs rushed for another TD tying the game up at 17 all.

Lamarr Jackson then answered quickly with a strike to his wide receiver Murray to make the scoreboard read 24 -17 in their favor. But with 3 minutes remaining, Darren Waller scored a TD catch making the game tied late in the 4th. The Ravens answered quickly with a field goal to regain the lead. at 27-24, leaving Raiders with 39 sec left for one more drive.

Carr took the ball and drove down to allow Carson to make a kick that would send them to overtime.

In overtime, the Raiders would take and drive the length of the field and run into trouble once they could smell the endzone. Carr would throw an errant pass that would be picked off by Averett, but on the next series, Lamarr Jackson would give it right back to the Raiders with a Fumble of his own. Carr would then throw to Jones for a touchdown for the game-winning score. Jackson threw for 235 while Carr threw for 435.