Green Bay messed up big time


It came out around the draft that Aaron Rodgers, last year’s MVP, did not want to play for Green Bay anymore and wanted out. No MVP in the history of NFL football has been traded the season right after their MVP. Seems as Rodgers is fed up and tired, this demand comes a year after Green Bay used a first-round pick on Jordan Love who was drafted with hopes of being Rodgers’s replacement.

Gutekunst the GM of the Green Bay Packers said this in a press conference on draft day “the value he has to our football team is immeasurable, he brings so much to the table not only as a football player but as a leader so important to his teammates and his coaches.” When Gutekunst, the GM of the organization speaks so highly of Aaron Rodgers it’s hard to comprehend why he would trade up to draft a quarterback last year. They say they are all in, but get a replacement for him instead of getting him weapons at the wide receiver position.

Then Green Bay Packers drafted a CB in Erik Strokes this sent a message to Aaron Rodgers that the front office just doesn’t care about him. Last 10 years 9 of Green Bay’s Picks have been defensive players and the one offensive draft pick was Rodgers’s replacement.

Since Rodgers asked to be traded he said he wanted to go to the 49ers, Raiders, or Broncos. Going to the 49ers for Rodgers would be a no-brainer for him as he is originally from California and would be back home. The Broncos have a lot to offer to the Packers and if Rodgers wants to go to Denver he might be able to. The Raiders don’t have as much to offer but have some picks available to throw on top.

Sadly for Rodgers, Green Bay expressed that they don’t want to trade him at all and if they did it would not be to a team in the NFC ruling out quite possibly his first choice, the 49ers. The Packers are in a difficult position right now how can you just trade away one of the best QB’s of all time after his MVP season, Rodgers extension contract ends in 2023 but they can move him now. No matter what, Rodgers is on his way out either now or in 2023 when they can’t get anything out of him. Sadly for the Packers, their best option is to trade him their actions have caused their relationship to be beyond repair. 

Rodger has been ignored by his team and front office, for a while now and the packers are finally starting to feel it. They haven’t let their number one star call the shot and have left him in the dust while other teams conform to their captain and star. Now Green Bay is going to have to pay for their actions.