Coach Lee and Chavez’s baseball team


Mr. Lee is commonly referred to as the world history teacher here at Cesar Chavez and Coach Lee among the sports faculty here as well. He has been a baseball coach for the last 15 years and was beyond proud of what he was able to accomplish with last year’s baseball team.  He was able to send five of last year’s student/athletes from his baseball team to college through a baseball scholarship from last year’s team alone.

For the first time in his career, Coach Lee was able to send five total student-athletes from his baseball team to the next level with college scholarships. Sending off five students through a baseball scholarship in the same team is not something that happens very often and is a rather special happening for the normal numbers of one to three. It is believed to be the most that Coach Lee was able to send in one given year.

He has said that these athletes have helped themselves through their own efforts with the support of the teachers from our school. It is essential for student-athletes to be able to understand and adapt to the lifestyle of an athlete, that is one of the traits he looks for in them. There is also a chance for a few athletes among this year’s team to receive a baseball scholarship as well with the team already looking great. It is always a proud moment for the school, the coaches, and the athletes when our players are able to receive an athletic scholarship! 

The following CCHS Student-Athletes that Coach Lee helped send to college on a baseball scholarship:

  1. Elijah Galindo, UOP
  2. Jermaine Brown Jr., Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana
  3. Jon Dias, Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, Ca.
  4. Art Valenzuela, Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, Ca.
  5. Jayden Welker, Modesto City College