The Upset Have Just Started


Brian Cabral

March Madness has always been a crazy time and there was always a big upset or a team that no one expected who ended up going deep into the tournament. This is the beauty of March Madness and why it’s enjoyable to watch. Brackets also play a big part in March Madness so far and after the opening weekend, the number of brackets that were over is crazy. It’s hard to get a good bracket let alone a perfect one due to it being one and done since there’s no series. But everything all comes back to the matchups and the upsets.

So far the games that have shocked people the most have been Oral Roberts vs Ohio State, Oregon vs Tennessee, North Texas vs Purdue, and San Diego vs Syracuse University. Oral Roberts came in as the 15th seed and beat Ohio placed as the 2nd seed, Oregon came in as No. 12th seed by beat No.5 seed Tennessee by 14. These 2 games were the ones that killed most brackets as many people had Ohio in the elite 8 or at least in the 2nd round. Tennessee was the same situation as many people had them coming in in the 2nd round as they placed well and did well during the season. North Texas was the No.13 seed and they beat No.4 seed Purdue in OT to secure their first NCAA tournament win in school history. San Diego vs Sycruases was an impactful game because it showed us what Buddy Boeheim is capable of having a great stat sheet with 30 pts.

As of now Monday, March 29th the first elite 8 game is today Arkansas vs Baylor this is an exciting game, with great teams matching up against each other Arkansas being No.3 seed and Baylor being the No.1 seed. Then tomorrow Gonzaga plays USC, after they play UCLA will play Michigan after beating Alabama the day before in an OT thriller where Alabama hit a clutch 3, but it ended up being for nothing because Alabama lost by 10 in OT. In a couple of days, we will see the final 4 on the weekend and by Monday we will have our March Madness Winner.

 We have had some great games and a lot of upsets in the first round causing a lot of people to lose their bracket but that’s the fun in it all you never know who is going to win, who is going to be an outstanding player, and who is going to disappoint.