Mahomes gave everything he had

Mahomes gave everything he had

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just won Super Bowl LV with a blowout victory 9-31. Brady is now clearly the GOAT  as he was a Hall of Famer before this ring and now people are saying he should be inducted into the Hall Of Fame as a current player.

From what we can see in the way he played in this game Brady certainly has a couple of years left in him but at the very minimum another year. We have been captivated by Brady’s greatness in this Super Bowl but we have been overlooking the great performance that Mahomes put on.

Mahomes and the Chiefs were favored to win the Super Bowl as they have a stacked offense most notable being Tyreek Hill nicknamed “cheetah” and arguably the best TE in the NFL, Travis Kelce. Mahomes from the beginning wasn’t in too great a position as Tampa had home-field advantage and the refs were calling a lot of holding fouls on the offense. The Chief’s O-line was not playing well at all and they were not doing their job of protecting the QB.

Due to the O line not guarding, Mahomes scrambled around for nearly a combined 500 yards before throwing a pass or getting sacked while also dealing with a toe injury.

The defense wasn’t any better playing lazy and sloppy although they did make a good goal-line stand and tried to pick up some momentum they fell flat as the receivers couldn’t make a play.

Regardless of his situation Mahomes came to play and it’s very clear when you look at the way he was moving around and slinging the ball from all angles. Mahomes threw a dime while a defender was dragging him down all the way into the end zone and it was ruled incomplete. Then he threw the insane parallel diving pass and it hits Williams in the face mask all this effort from Mahomes and no one could make a catch.

Mahomes as an individual had a good game he truly was the only one putting in an effort as his O-line continually failed him, and his receivers weren’t helping him out either. Mahomes in the AFC Championship game threw for 325 yards with 29/38 with 2 of his main receivers having over 100 yards receiving. While in the Super Bowl he was 26/49 and only 270 yards passed, 3 more passes with a 60-yard difference from the previous game. Kelce had 133 yards receiving and Hill didn’t even hit 100. The chiefs did not score one single touchdown. There were a lot of reasons the chiefs did not win but Mahomes was clearly not one of them.