Max Kellerman’s cliff theory


Tom Brady is arguably the greatest QB of all time. As many greats will tell you, a lot of criticism comes with it as well as doubters and people trying to make excuses for the success. The Patriots drafted Brady in 2000 as the 199th overall pick. He is now considered one of the biggest steals in NFL draft history. Since Brady was drafted he has been paired with who many consider the greatest coach of all time, Bill Belichick. Many over the years have assumed that a lot of the Patriots excellence came from Belichick and Brady was just a part of that excellence. 

Bill Belichick has been a main part of the Patriots and many people believe one of the only reasons Tom Brady has been as successful has he has. Although just about everyone can agree Tom Brady is a phenomenal quarterback, but you can see why someone would make this argument. Max Kellerman is a first take reporter and since 2016 he has been calling for ‘the cliff prediction.’ In 2016 he said, “Tom Brady will be a bum in short order.” He states that he believed Tom Brady is going to fall of a cliff [talent wise.]. At the time Tom Brady was going to 39 years old in a week. He stuck to this theory even though in 2017 he was wrong and he was still wrong in 2018 when Brady went to the Super Bowl again. In 2019 Max Kellerman said Tom Brady should retire but he wont, he should, but he wont.

Since 2016 when Max first made this ‘cliff prediction’ Tom Brady has been to 4 Super Bowls and is currently going to his 5th right now. Max said Tom couldn’t do it without Belichick, but he he has clearly done that as well.

On 1/24/21 Max Kellerman finally admitted to being wrong and ate his long awaited ‘crow’.  He tweeted out on the 24th of January, “Tom Brady has had a full Hall of Fame career…in the time SINCE I made the cliff prediction.” Since 2016 he had stuck to his statement, but finally said “I stand down, he is the GOAT!”. This season for Tom Brady is undoubtedly a hall of fame season. No Belichick, 43 years young, and still making his team better. 

This season’s playoffs have been like no other for Mr. Brady as he enters his 10th Super Bowl. This years journey has has him beat 3 teams on the road 2 of those including some of the greatest QBs the game has ever seen in Aaron Rodgers who had an MVP season and Drew Brees. And now for the first time ever in NFL history a team playing in the Super Bowl will be hosting the Super Bowl. If Tom Brady wins this Super Bowl he will have the most Super Bowl rings in the NFL, not the most in players he will have more Super Bowl rings than any NFL Franchise has won.