NFC East Playoff Race

In this joke of a division, who will have the last laugh?



This year has featured close races and winning teams from each of the NFC and AFC divisions except for the NFC East, who is notorious for often having all four teams being absolutely terrible. The current leaders of the division, the New York Giants and Washington Football Team are each winners of only five of the twelve total games they’ve played. For reference that abysmal record would land you dead last in the NFC North and South. However, in true 2020 fashion, no matter how terrible the fantastically terrible four finish, one franchise will have the honor to attend the playoffs. I will attempt to break down which of the bunch will be representing the NFC East in this year’s playoffs.

The standings today have the Giants and the Football Team tied for first in the division at 5-7 with the 3-8-1 Eagles and 3-9 Cowboys lagging behind. With four games left in the season it’ll be a race to the finish and mistakes cannot be afforded for any team. The Cowboys and Eagles both have two crucial division games to end the season and will likely need to win both to even have a chance to steal the playoff berth.

Unfortunately for everyone in the division, none of the teams can expect a free or easy win during this last stretch of the season as they each have a strong schedule. It’s very possible the entire division could lose every non-division game left and if that was the case it would all come down to the three scheduled division games.

The three division games will feature a Week 16 duel between the Cowboys vs. Eagles and to wrap up the season the Week 17 rivalry night classics, Cowboys vs. Giants and Eagles vs. Football Team. The marquee match will be the Dallas/Philly matchup as a win or loss in that game will dash or extend either teams’ playoff hopes. New York and Washington must pray they steal a win or two from their upcoming matchups and hope the other loses their week 17 games to secure their spot for January football.