Tips for Next Gen NBA 2K21


NBA 2k21 is a really good game so far. But there are some things that still could be adjusted or changed to make the game even better for next gen in my opinion.

One of the things that should have obviously been fixed because it’s been a problem since 2k19 are the post scorers. They said they fixed them, but now I can literally post hook from the 3 point line with no problem as if I was right in front of the rim. Another thing is putting matchmaking or ranked and unranked, sometimes me and my friends just want to have fun and play around, but sometimes we want to play competitive.

Also take out the records and win percentage, this right here just makes it so hard to get games because they look at stats and if you’re too good they don’t play. The longest it took for us to get a game was almost an hour.

The last thing I would like to be changed would be the jump shot speeds. There’s nothing wrong with them exactly, but I think I would be better if we were able to put the exact percentage instead of the speed we want instead of going up 25% every time.

These are just a few of the tips and changes that I think could make NBA 2k21 even better for the next gen consoles.