How Covid-19 Affected The Soccer World


If you remember when the virus first started people around the globe weren’t sure what really to do. Then it spread faster and it got really bad. Ever since the virus started to really get bad, some soccer leagues around the world started to pause their seasons. It started by first pausing for 2-3 weeks while things got better, but then their were cases of players that had been infected and club owners and managers were wondering what was going to happen because it was getting so bad so rapidly.

While this was happening there were other leagues that kept on going. At first leagues like the UEFA Champions League and the Liga MX from Mexico were still going on, but had the games with no fans in attendance. They cleared all stadiums and only allowed owners and staff to attend the game. This happened around the world in many leagues.

However, as time passed more and more cases appeared inside the soccer world and club owners started to get worried. It got to the point where all the leagues around the world stopped playing and stayed in quarantine.

Now with the virus getting very bad and forcing most the world to stay home the worries begin to turn to when the soccer world could resume. Many were in the middle of seasons, others starting playoffs. Now organizations are beginning to talk about cancelling all leagues and ending their season. It has already happened in lower class leagues and people were not happy.

Players and teams still do not know what is going to happen, but we hope everything gets better so they can resume and finish their seasons and in the case of some teams reach the championship.