NFL Wildcard Games Review


Aaron Kolomvotos

Over the weekend the NFL Playoffs have started and the wildcard games were amazing to watch. There were a lot of interesting moments that happened and new story-lines that could happen during the off-season. Here is a quick rundown at the 4 games that happened over the weekend.

Bills v. Texans – Going into this game the Texans were favorites, but a lot of people were taking the Bills this game in an upset victory.  The 1st half of the game was dominated by the Bills as they scored 13 points and the Texans had 0 points. They had little to no offense during the first half, as the Bills defense was great. The Texans would finally score late in the 3rd quarter to bring the score 16-8 after a Bills field goal and a Texans two-point conversion. Into the 4th quarter, the Texans kick a field goal and score a touchdown with a two-point conversion to take the lead 19-16 after being down 16-0. The Bills put on a game-winning drive, but only to kick a field goal and tie the game instead to send it into overtime. Both would get the ball, but fail to score on their open drives of OT. The Texans and Deshaun Watson would get the ball again and make some great plays to set up a game-winning field goal to win the game 22-19.

Titans v. Patriots – The Pats were heavy favorites going into the game, but the Titans happened to be one of the hottest teams in the league. The Patriots would struggle to move the ball on offense and would only score 13 points in the 1st half and that would be it for the entire game as well. The Titans pounded the ball with Derrick Henry who he racked up 182 yards and a touchdown. The Titans would score 20 points leaving the the Patriots with one last chance to score, but Tom Brady would throw a game-ending pick 6 in which could very well be his final game as a Patriot. The Titans beat the Patriots in a major upset as they beat them in Foxborough, something that doesn’t happen often.

Vikings v. Saints – Going into this game many people thought that the Vikings stood no chance against the Saints. It would be a tough game for both teams as at the end of the half it would be 13-10 Vikings with the lead. One player that was making big plays for the Saints was Taysom Hill, he had 50 passing yards, 50 rushing yards, and 25 receiving yards with a touchdown as well. The Saints were starting to come back in this game and would together some clutch drives to make the score 20-20 and send the game into overtime. The Vikings would get the ball first in the extra time and would make some plays. Kirk Cousins found a deep ball connection with Adam Thielen to get them near the end zone. They would call a couple runs plays but no dice, then they found the right call with a fade route to Kyle Rudolph and the game-winning touchdown in overtime.. Many people thought Rudolph would be called for offensive pass interference, but it was not called. As the Vikings upset the Saints 26-20, Kirk Cousins showed up big time to get his first playoff win. The Saints and Drew Brees did not play very well, but the Vikings were just the better team. Now the Saints have lost in the playoffs 3 straight years in a row.

Seahawks v. Eagles – It was a toss-up game between the Eagles and Seahawks and no one really knew who was going to win. Seattle entered the game favored, partially due to the number of injuries the Eagles had on their roster. It would be a very defensive game a field goal for each team and Seattle would get a touchdown too from the return of Marshawn Lynch. During the 1st quarter, quarterback Carson Wentz was hit in the back of the head by Jadeveon Clowney and would not return to the game. The Eagles had opted for backup Josh McCown who at 40 years old had waited 17 years to be in a playoff game. After that Seattle would control the rest of the game, they would score a touchdown in the 3rd quarter and that’s about it, as the Eagles would just get a field goal. Seattle would fling the ball around all game as DK Metcalf had a big game, 160 yards and a touchdown. Seattle would win the game 17-9 to advance.