Titans Pre-Chirstmas Soccer Wrapped Up


Did you watch the Chavez soccer game before holiday break? What if I told you that the Chavez Boys not only competed against Liberty Ranch, but they dominated the entire match. The Titans were underdogs leading up to the game and from early on they changed the perceived outcome. Chavez opened up with 3 in the first half, but in the second half they Liberty Ranch chipped away at the lead and scored 2 to come within 1 goal of of the Titans. However, a few minutes later Chavez stepped up and sealed the win with their 4th and final goal to secure the win.

On Wednesday the Chavez Boys faced Tracy High, who came into the pre-holiday game at 1-4-1, but the Chavez Boys had a bit of a let down game leaving the final tied 0-0. 

To finalize the weeks three games and send the team into holiday break on a high note the Titans were looking to take advantage of the Argonauts of Jackson. The Titans handled that final game of the week as well, sending them into break with a 4-1 victory.