Astros Cheat Their Way to the World Series


Stealing signs in baseball is a part of the sport and always will be, but it IS illegal to steal signs electronically according to MLB rules and regulations. Which would mean that using a camera in center field to steal signs would definitely be a rule breaker. Former Houston Astros pitcher Mike Fiers and three other unidentified players revealed that during the 2017 postseason, the Astros used a trash can and a camera in center field to signal the signs to the batter.

Danny Farquhar, which was the pitcher for the White Sox at the time, was pitching against Houston and noticed something odd. Danny says he heard a “banging from the dugout, almost like a bat hitting the rack every time a changeup signal got put down.” He realized what they were doing, so he switched up the signs and the banging stopped and the batter struck out. There is actually footage that shows each time the Astros signal the signs, and once they were switched up the signals stop. Houston was obviously cheating their way through the postseason, and it was also the first time in Astros history that they had won a World Series title.

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Carson Smith decided he wanted to add on to the matter by calling out the Astros’ catcher on Tuesday night. (11/12/19). “In the article about the Astros stealing signs, they forgot to mention the bullpen catcher also relaying in signs for specific batters specific ways. Astros went to extreme measures, undoubtedly still do, and it’s paid off for them,” Smith tweeted just this past Tuesday. He also mentioned that it was a little sketchy when the security guard and score keeper kept checking their TV, which conveniently wasn’t working for them during that series. The Houston Astros organization recently said that “they have begun an investigation in cooperation with Major League Baseball” and have no further comments.