NFL Power Ranking Through Month of September


Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sport

The Patriots make it into our top ten as usual.

The first month of the NFL season has gone and passed us by. But which teams have looked best throughout the month of September? These are the 10 teams that have been playing the best so far.

    1. New England Patriots – They have been the best team in September and they usually aren’t this good in the first month, but they have been. In their first 4 games the Patriots have only allowed 1 offensive touchdown. They are also ranked the number 1 defense in almost every category. The offense has been great too, top 5 in total points scored. The Patriots are currently undefeated sitting at 4-0.
    2. Kansans City Chiefs – The Chiefs have been nothing but spectacular in their first 4 games too. The Chiefs are ranked 1st in almost every offensive states. They show no sign of slowing down with the raining MVP of the league Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs are also undefeated at 4-0.
    3. New Orleans Saints – The Saints are without star quarterback Drew Brees with an injured thumb, but still remain near the top. Their backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has played pretty well, beating two playoff caliber teams. The Saints have a good defense to keep them in games and great weapons on offense. The Saints are 3-1.
    4. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys have been playing outstanding so far. Many people didn’t think that they would be this good, and would have been more limited due to quarterback Dak Prescott. They are top 5 in almost every offensive stat and top 10 in defensive stats. With them losing to the Saints they are placed at 4. The Cowboys are currently 3-1.
    5. Green Bay Packers – The Packers have looked good so far and their defense is the reason why they are so good. The offense is off to a slow start with Aaron Rodgers and their new head coach Matt Fafleur. But overall the Packers are a strong team and get better on the offensive side of the ball later. The Packers are 3-1 right now as well.
    6. Chicago Bears – The Bears have been decent thus far. They ranked almost dead last in every offensive category and that is due to their quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. But on the other hand it is no surprise how good this team is on defense, as they are a top 3 defensive team. I place the Bears lower than the Packers because they have shown no life on offense and lost to the Packers week 1. The Bears are 3-1.
    7. San Francisco 49ers – The Niners have been surprising so far ranking top 5 in offensive stats and top 5 in defense too. They have really upgraded their team on both sides of the ball and with their quarterback fully healthy they can once again compete. As I thought the Niners would be the most improved team this year and they are currently undefeated. The Niners are 3-0 due to a bye week they had on week 4.
    8. Los Angles Rams – The Rams have looked good, but not the same as it was last year. They are about top 10 in offense and their defense has kind of been a let down so far., giving up 55 points against the Buccaneers. I put them below the 49ers because they just haven’t been playing that well, but they have the tools. The Rams are currently 3-1.
    9. Seattle Seahawks – The Seahawks have been great too. This is the 3rd team in the NFC West I have in my top 10. Quarterback Russel Wilson is playing fantastic so far this year and will always keep you in games. However, the interesting part about their team is the defense. Even after losing and trading away their best players on defense they are still doing fine. The Seahawks are 3-1.
    10. Baltimore Ravens – I have been surprised by the Ravens and I think they are for real. They are 1st in total yards, rushing yards, and tied for points. They have taken a big jump with quarterback Lamar Jackson. Lets see if they can maintain their dominance. The Ravens are the only team in this top ten with 2 losses, they are 2-2.