NFL Free Agency

The Good, the Bad, and Others

NFL Free Agency

It is that time of the year again. March Madness just ended signaling the beginning of NFL Free Agency before teams draft at the end of April. Free agency in the NFL is always an interesting time to see what moves are made and where players are going to sign. Many teams added new players to their team and hoping it can pay off. Lets see which teams made the biggest moves and some that didn’t.

Big Moves

One team that has already made some big moves is the San Francisco 49ers. After Dee Ford received the franchise tag by the Kansas City Chief the 49ers made a trade for the pro bowl defensive end and only gave up a 2nd round pick to acquire him. This move was made along side the addition of former Buccaneers linebacker Kwon Alexander to fill another hole on the roster. The 49ers then rounded out free agency by adding players Tevin Coleman, running back, Falcons, Jason Verrett, corner, and Jordan Matthews, wide receiver. Some of these players are coming off injuries and signed cheaper contracts in order to prove themselves this season. It will be a high risk high reward and if it works out, the 49ers could be a very good team next year.

Another team that made some moves were the Oakland Raiders. They first made a trade for star wide receiver Antonio Brown from the Pittsburgh Steelers for a 3rd and 5th round pick. They would spend big and sign some players. The Raiders signed safety Larmarcus Joyner, Trent Brown, tackle, and Tyrell Williams, wide receiver. They would also sign some veterans and and some depth players to their team as well. The Raiders are coming off a disappointing season where they struggled to put up points and stop teams from scoring, adding these players should help them out, but not enough as too many holes remain on their roster.

The Cleveland Browns are another team that made some great moves. Trading for Star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. from the New York Giants for a 1st round pick, safety Jabrill Peppers and a 3rd round pick in a shocking move. They would also trade for pro bowl linebacker Olivier Vernon from the Giants as well for guard Kevin Zeitler and a 4th round pick for the Browns 5th round pick. The Browns were not done, they also went out and signed defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson who is a solid addition that will fill the hole in the middle. The Browns could still not be done yet, they are still interested on adding a few more players to their team such as a safety. The Browns should be a team to watch out for next season due to these moves added to their already young and energetic team. 

Lastly the New York Jets also made some moves. they started by adding the best running back on the market, Le’veon Bell, to help out their offense. The then also added the best Linebacker too in C.J. Mosley. Lastly they went after wide receiver and added Jamison Crowder, who should also help out. The Jets still need better players on their roster to compete, but these players should be good and with the help of Le’veon Bell it should help out their young quarterback on offense.


But there is one team that was disappointing this off-season and that was the Pittsburgh Steelers. After trading away their star wide out in a trade that even a video game would have denied and then losing their star running back, the Steelers had some work to do. However, that work failed to be completed as they blundered their attempts to add other players to fill their roster holes. 

Everyone Else

But there are still many good players that signed with other teams such as safety Earl Thomas going to the Baltimore Ravens, Defensive end Trey Flowers joining the Detroit Lions, Quarterback Nick Foles going to the Jacksonville Jaguars, safety Landon Collins going to the Washington Redskins, and safety Tryann Mathieu heading to the Kansas City Chiefs. These are really good players who signed with new teams, but there are still some great free agents out there. Some of these signing should shake things up for the next season and may alter the up and coming draft at the end of this month.