MLB postseason prediction

MLB postseason prediction

Its time for another baseball season and team’s goals are to make it to the postseason. In today’s article we are going to look at which teams could get in to the playoffs and compete for a World Series championship? I believe these are the teams that will make the playoffs for this season:

Starting off in the National League in the West Division, the LA Dodgers should be the favorites to clinch the Division and should be lead the NL with the best record. For the Central Division it’s hard to pick, but I believe the Chicago Cubs will win this tough Division as they have kept together a solid nucleus from last years team. Then in the East Division, I think the Atlanta Braves are going to win the Division again in this undecided Division, this is probably one of hardest things to predict on who would win the East.

Lastly there are the two wildcard teams, I think the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals both from the NL Central division. Both of potential wild card teams have good rosters and one of these teams should get a wildcard spot, but playing in a good Division may alter things when it comes to other teams in the National League. Other teams like the Rockies, Nationals, Mets, and Phillies will all be competing for a spot, but ultimately I think the Cardinals take the last spot with adding two star players from the off-season. My pick for NL representation in the World Series are the Dodgers.

Now on to the American League and starting with the West Division where I believe the Houston Astros have one of the best rosters in the league as they should be no question the favorite to win the Division. Moving on to the Central Division, it is a very weak Division, but there is one good team and that’s the Cleveland Indians. It should really be easy for them to win it this year, with no other good team in this division on paper. Lastly the East Division, where the New York Yankees also have one of the best rosters in the league with adding new players to fill the holes and would compete against the reigning world champs, the Boston Red Sox. Even with the stiff competition for the East Division I have the Yankees winning it. The Red Sox didn’t really add any new players and even let some go.

However, the Red Sox are too good and I still see them making the Wildcard with the Tampa Bay Rays. Last year the Rays surprised many people and this year they will take the last wildcard spot.

Finally for the 2019 World Series match-up I have the New York Yankees out of the American League will play the aforementioned Dodgers in the World Series. It should be a really good series as I have the Dodgers beating the Yankees in 6 games to secure themselves as champions of the world.