NCAA Final Four Preview


The madness never stops and it has brought us to the Final Four. These four teams have made it this far to get here and one of these four teams are going to win it all. Lots of the favored teams have been eliminated already with the usual amount of March Madness upsets. Common Final Four teams such as Duke, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, and North Carolina are not in the Final Four this year. March Madness has always been filled with upsets and this year is one of the strangest final four in years. These are the four teams that have made it this far and lets check out their match up.

Michigan State vs. Texas Tech – Michigan State is riding hot right now after their close victory against the favorite to win the tournament, Duke, who was the number 1 seed. Duke wasn’t the only great team they had to beat on their way to the semi-finals. LSU, the SEC regular season champions and a number 3 seed, ran into MSU and was blown out 80-63. The Spartans also took out Bradley and Minnesota on their journey to the Final Four. 

As for Texas Tech they also had to play great teams to get there. They went through the number 1 seed Gonzaga and the number 2 seed Michigan in both great games. Only one of these teams will win and move onto the championship game. Michigan State is the 2nd seed against Red Raider’s number 3 seed. Michigan State will be in their 10th final four appearance and Texas Tech will be in their 1st final four appearance ever. Texas Tech’s defense is ranked as one of the top three defenses in the nation while  Michigan State Spartans are the favorites to win this game, but it is March Madness, and anything can happen.

Virginia vs. Auburn – Virginia kind of had an easy trip to the final four with the red hot number 3 seed Purdue being the only challenge they had to face. Virgina is ranked as one of the top three teams both defensively and offensively. They also were the ACC regular season champions in setting a conference record with 33 wins.

The shocker team to make it this far is Auburn. They had to go up against great teams to make it this far. The beat the number 1 seed North Carolina, the number 4 seed Kansas and, the number 2 seed Kentucky; all upset victories.

Auburn is going to be in their first ever final four appearance and Virginia will play in their 3rd final four. Virginia is the number 1 seed while Auburn is the number 5 seed. Virginia is the favorites to win this game, but Auburn has been playing very good basketball it should be a great game to watch.

Once again two of these teams will be competing in the championship game and anything can happen because its March Madness.