Bryce Harper and Manny Machado’s New Contracts


Bryce Harper (left) and Manny Machado (right) are the headliners of 2019 baseball free agency.

It was a long off-season of baseball as the two biggest stars Bryce Harper and Manny Machado have finally signed with their new teams. It took them almost the entire off-season for both of these players to sign until after spring training had already begun. It was very unpredictable off-season lots of rumors and news on where the two stars were going to play. As both players were asking for monster long term contracts that would finally happen after the long wait. Lets break down their new contracts and see what the future may hold for these two stars.

Bryce Harper is now a Philadelphia Philly. Harper signed a 13 year, $330 million dollar contract with no trade clause and no opt out contract on Thursday February 28. Now Philadelphia is ready to compete for a playoff spot with the singing of Harper. But how well will the team be with Harper? The team is good enough to get into the playoffs, but winning a World Series may require just a little bit more. Philadelphia has the chance to win many championships in the near future if they build the team right as they are headed in the right direction.

Philadelphia wasn’t the only team that made a strong offer for Harper, the San Francisco Giants offered Harper a 12 year, $310 million dollar contract which he turned down. Harper and the Phillies will play their first home series against the Braves on March 28-31, he will play against his former team on April 2-3 at the Nationals and will play at the Giants on August 8-11. Harper’s contract is the biggest ever in American sports history. The contract will end in the year 2031

On the other hand, Manny Machado is now a San Diego Padre. On Tuesday, February 19, Machado signed a 10 year, $300 million dollar contract with a player opt out after 5 years. The Padres arguably have the best farm system in the majors with tons of great prospects to build around Machado’s output. The Padres are still rebuilding and most likely won’t compete for a playoff spot this year, but Machado does make the team better. Giving this team time, it could be a really good team in the next 2-3 years where all their young stud players get called up and ready to compete. If things goes as planned the Padres could be looking to win a World Series in the near future.

Another team that made a strong offer for Machado was the Chicago White Sox. They offered an 8 year deal that could have been worth up to $350 million dollars. Machado and the Padres will play against the Giants in their home opener on March 28-31. He will play against his old team the Baltimore Orioles on June 25-26 at Baltimore, and would play against the team he got traded to the Los Angles Dodgers on May 14-15 at LA. Machado’s contract will end in 2029 and the possibility to opt out after 5 years in 2024.

The two star players are both 26 years old and both now have 10+ years on their contracts earning each over 300 million dollars. Harper will play at the Padres on June 3-5 and Machado will play at the Phillies on August 16-18. Both teams are could have the possibilities to win a World Series in the future but will it happen?