Why You Should Consider Watching Professional Wrestling


To a lot of people, the world of professional wrestling might seem like just a stupid show that’s obviously fake and meant for children and nerds- and you’d be right! Everyone is a nerd for something though, and who’s to say this won’t be something you’re interested in? Addressing the elephant in the room, yes, depending on what you decide to watch mostly everything shown in professional wrestling is fake. That’s not to say it isn’t worth a watch all together, though. The general audience that professional wrestling, like the WWE, appeals to is mainly children and adults who grew up watching. It’s pretty obvious as to why a child could be entertained by the medium, but there are a lot of people who just don’t understand how something so cheesy and so fake could appeal to a grown man or woman. In the beginning, the world of professional wrestling was definitely meant to seem pretty realistic. Back when it began, it was way more brutal and fights flowed a lot better than they do now. The main purpose was never to simply have something that seemed especially real, though. The purpose has always been to tell a story and entertain.

It may be obvious that the reason you’re watching a professional sport is to be entertained, but it’s not in the way most think. The world of professional wrestling is filled with so many different colorful characters who are played by actors and actresses. As of right now, the roster is full of many characters that are so easy to get attached to. Also, if we’re being honest, the ‘cast’ is better than it has ever been before. There are multiple storylines that take place within the show. Some only take months, while some grow and develop over the course of years. Some of the most noteworthy storylines are that of  ‘The Sheild,’ which began in around 2012 and is still going to this day. ‘The Golden☆Lovers,’ which took place over the course of ten years. Plus many, many more stories over the years. There are so many people and events that are fun to watch and learn about, and a lot of moments in these stories and in the history of professional wrestling can be so emotional and heartbreaking.

People who are involved with wrestling are so genuinely talented and gifted. Most of these people put everything into their careers, which can be risky considering some of the shady things that have been said about the industry. It takes so much to be a part of this profession with the need for acting, fighting, and high pain tolerance; not everyone can do it. The few that do though, deserve so much respect for putting their own safety on the line for the rest of the world’s entertainment. Yes, I definitely think professional wrestling is worth a watch.