49ers Offseason Needs


49ers offseason has some needs

The 49ers are coming off a disappointing year, mainly due to their star quarter back Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL in week 3 against the Chiefs. However, it will probably work out for the Niners to have not done well as their players are becoming better and looking to improve their roster for the 2019 season. The 49ers have the 2nd pick in this years NFL draft, but that’s not until April 25th. In the mean time the 49ers are looking to add players to their roster in this years offseason.

The Niners do have lots of holes on their roster to fill, but I think that they can address them. The biggest need for the Niners is an elite pass rusher to get after the quarterback. The Niners were tied at 22nd with 37 sacks this season. There are many star pass rushers in this years free agency class. People like Demarcus Lawrence, Trey Flowers, Jadeveon Clowney, Dee Ford, Brandon Graham, and many more. Any of those players would help out the Niners a lot, but there isn’t a guarantee that they will even get one or try to procure one. I think the best fit would probably be Brandon Graham from the Eagles as he is almost to the end of his career, at the age of 30 he earned 4 sacks which isn’t much, but draws double teams for other players to get an opening. He also had 70 pressures on the quarterback so he will get after him. Its not clear yet if the Eagles will offer Graham a contract or let him pursue that last high paying contract before he retires.

A pass rusher isn’t the only thing the 49ers need. They need defensive secondary help, a better offensive line, linebackers, and a number one wide receiver. There aren’t that many good o-line members in this years free agent class. but there are plenty of good linebackers who could add needed pressure on the quarterback. As for a number one wide receiver there aren’t any good ones in this class either, but the Niners could most likely trade for a star wide out this off-season. Someone like Odell Beckham Jr. who the 49ers are interested in and Antonio Brown who has opened up about being traded and wants out of Pittsburgh. With lots of hints about Brown asking and wanting to be traded to the 49ers would make sense and would be great fit on their roster.

Things may change in a couple of months as the owners and coaches see the team differently and knowing what players to add, trade, and draft to their roster. What ever holes they fill on the roster is will then determine who they draft with the 2nd overall pick later in April. The 49ers are a few players away from being a great team for and making the playoffs. Expect them to make some big moves this off-season to compete for the next season.