Juju Smith-Schuster’s Comments Lead to Le’Veon’s Punches


Le’Veon Bell and Juju Smith-Schuster have recently engaged in a physical altercation after Smith-Schuster’s comments about Le’Veon were reported by the website Bleacher Report. The altercation reportedly occurred during the teams’ week 8 bye. Smith-Schuster recently had mentioned if he had won the Mega Million lottery he would use the money to pay Le’Veon the money that he had requested from the Steelers front office to stay. Smith-Schuster jokingly remarked, “I tried to win it so we could get Le’Veon back it didn’t work.” Le’Veon responded “everybody think they Kevin Hart huh?” The quote was posted on Bleacher Report’s Instagram account with 8 million followers.

Obviously, Bell did not take this comment in the joking way that it was intended. He went up to Juju at the Steelers practice facility and punched him in the face without a single word spoken (Bell hasn’t practiced the whole year and hasn’t played in a game this season). Juju countered back with a jab to Bell’s jaw and the two were stopped by players James Conner (Bell’s replacement) and Ben Roethlisberger (the Steelers longtime quarterback).

Antonio Brown, Steeler’s all-pro wide receiver, had this to say about Bell, “Le’Veon is a great player, but he is too drawn to drama, I think that this is James Conner’s backfield now and Bell should be traded for the sake of our team chemistry and Super Bowl chances.”