Hoco Game Goes Up In Flames For Lodi

Chavez football team put the L in Lodi for Lodi’s homecoming night after a long seven years of defeat. The Titans broke Lodi’s 7 year win streak over CCHS, ending the game with a win to a score of 36-28.  The football players claiming one of their first victories of the season brought a lot of positive attention and energy to our school. We decided to sit down with a set of football players to discuss how they shut down Lodi`s homecoming.

CCHS Oracle Q: What was your mentality for the game?

Angelo Rodriguez A:  “Determination and concentration.”

Kyle McWhorter A: “Catch the ball”

Christian Norasith A: “Me and my brothers are gonna go out there and win”


CCHS Oracle Q: What was the atmosphere like?

Angelo Rodriguez A:“It was intense and loud”

Kyle McWhorter A: “Aggressive as [could be]”

Christian Torres A:“Very energetic. Intensity was at a high level “


CCHS Oracle Q:What was the teamwork like?

Angelo Rodriguez  A:“Everyone was helping each other and keeping each other up”

Kyle McWhorter A: “Teamwork was on some real levels. We were like Han Solo and Chewbacca.”

Christian Torres A:  “When someone would fall, there was always someone there to pick them up”  


CCHS Oracle Q: Individually what do you add to the team dynamic?

Angelo Rodriguez  A: “Leadership and intensity”

Kyle McWhorter A:  “Unexpectancy”

Christian Torres A:  “Help the 1st D for a look for the opponents offense “


CCHS Oracle Q: What preparations are you considering to make it to playoffs?

Angelo Rodriguez A:  “Hard work, dedication, and jell as a team”

Kyle McWhorter A:  “Installing new techniques”

Christian Torres A:  “Practice so I can get better for the Game”