CCHS Wrestlers

CCHS has a wrestling team that recently qualified for Masters. Masters is basically like playoffs in other sports like basketball and football. Masters took place on Friday February 23, 2018 at the Stockton Arena. Four wrestlers qualified for it from our school and there are only 8 spots open, so our school took half of the spots. The four wrestlers that qualified for it are Michael Rodriguez, Richard Chan, Gary Lee, and Juan Hernandez. Four people making it to Masters is an all time record for Cesar Chavez High School. In Divisionals, Michael and Juan both placed 7th place, Richard placed 5th, and Gary placed 3rd.

Qualifying for Masters is a pretty big thing, Michael Rodriguez said “ I was really surprised because it was my first time wrestling and it just happened.”  As for the other wrestlers, they were kind of expecting to at least making it to Masters because they are all very talented at wrestling.