Varsity Soccer Playoffs


There have been many rough years for the Chavez varsity soccer team. They have been through bad games and good games, but the only thing they haven’t done is make playoffs in the past 5 years. There was some seasons where they have been close and there has been others where they weren’t even close. Now, the nightmare is finally over, beating Bear Creek High School 3-1 on February 6, 2018 CCHS guaranteed Chavez a playoff spot for the first time. 

Now that playoffs were guaranteed, a new goal emerged; League Champions. The team was ecstatic to learn of their new objective was to be league champs. But for that they had to beat Stagg and hope that Edison lost to Franklin. The team successfully beat Stagg, but sadly Edison defeated Franklin and Edison won league champs.

The players were a bit sad that they did not win league champs but were happy for making playoffs. Players like Carlos C, Ignacio, Aaron, and Christian all stated “It feels good to make playoffs.” They were proud of the team. The people that were the most happy were the seniors. Christian Sanchez (senior) said “Feels great to make playoffs my senior year we tried really hard to get here.” Carlos Contreras added, “We were more determined and we had a better chemistry this year.”

We also asked some of the coaches what they thought on them making playoffs. Coach Aaron said “We got rid of the bad attitudes and all the haters. It was amazing.” The coaches were very proud of the players. Coach Daniel beamed when he stated, “It was amazing knowing the freshman I started with got the opportunity to play a playoff match in their final year as seniors.” Coach Daniel has been a coach for 4 years at Chavez.

Chavez was on a 2 game winning streak  going into their first playoff game since a 2014. This team was on fire especially Ignacio Flores and Ansumana Itamu (Russ)  scoring over 85% of the goals this season. Those two boys were a big factor for the team. Since they had a great mentality going into playoffs we asked some of the players how far did they think they were going to get. Ignacio Flores said “We have the potential to go far and we are not stopping until the fire goes out.” Other players like Aaron Sanchez and Christian Sanchez said “We have a good chance to make sections.” Time will tell.