Men’s CCHS Volleyball Finish Strong


After seven years, we have brought back the men’s volleyball team to our school. Men’s volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports in California. The boys who are on the volleyball team grew up playing at a two man park volleyball, so they had the skill and mindset but no idea about a six man rule on the court. Students from Cesar Chavez High School came together and made a comeback by recreating a men’s’ volleyball team. In 2010, the men’s’ volleyball team only played and participated in tournaments in the bay area. At practice, they stretch, warm up, practice serving, and a half-butterfly drill. A half-butterfly drill is when some players serve the ball over the net and the others pass the ball to the ones who are serving next. Dodd Pinkham, a volleyball coach, led a VOTS club team ten years ago with guys from Cesar Chavez, Lincoln, Lodi, and St. Mary’s High School. March 7, 2017, Tuesday night, they had their first game against Kimball High School here in our gym at 5:00 p.m. The boys had a very competitive game that led to five sets and they won three sets out of five.

CCHs student athletes brought back men’s volleyball with the help of Chance, Devin, and Antawn. They continuously bothered Goedhart to make a team since last year then he called other athletic directors from different schools to see if they wanted to play against Chavez. They received several responses with some athletic directors saying yes, while others rejected the notion.

Overall the CCHS boys volleyball team wrapped up their first season in 7 years with a winning record of 5-4 by bringing home victory on Friday evening March 7, 2017.