CCHS Girls Golf is for All Girls



Girls worrying about the struggles of joining golf should worry no more, for there is nothing too strenuous about the sport. Coach Perovich, who used to be in charge of girl’s golf, elaborated on all the requirements for girl’s who are wanting and or thinking of joining. There is no limit to girls who can join, you can be any size and any shape, it does not matter as long as you have some sort of athleticism or the competence to learn the sport.

To be eligible to join the team, all you need is your physical. The equipment needed for the sport, uniform and clubs,  will be provided for you thanks to coach Petrovich’s generosity. Coach P also handles the washing of it after every practice and game. For those wanting to join or have more questions you can contact the coaches through email or simply stopping by their rooms located on campus.

Girls golf meets after school, in the designated golf locker room where they’re able to change before getting into their transportation vehicle to take them to Swenson Park Golf Course, where they practice from 3-6 o’clock on Monday-Thursday.