Robert Landeros wants to break 50

Cesar Chavez High School Men’s Golf

Robert Landeros is 17 years old in the Environmental Engineering Studies SLC, who plays Men’s Golf for Cesar Chavez High School. Landeros has been playing golf for one year now. Landeros was influenced by his coach Mr. Perovich. His role model is Tiger Woods.

“The biggest influence golf has brought to my life is that, it has helped me become a more patient person”, said Landeros.

His hobbies other than playing golf is that he enjoys playing soccer. To stay motivated, Landeros listens to his motivational music playlist. In order to stay fit, Landeros enjoys running and lifting weights. His main goal is to break 50 in a golf match.

“My favorite motivational saying is ‘Just do it’ because, either way you just have do it eventually”, said Landeros.