Jaime Novao golf keeps him on track

Cesar Chavez High School Men’s Golf

Jaime Novao is 16 years old in the Environmental Engineering Studies SLC, who plays Men’s Golf for Cesar Chavez High School. Novao says this is his first year playing golf. Novao was influenced by his coach Mr. Perovich. His role model is Tiger Woods.

“I stay motivated by thinking to myself how this is going to later benefit in the future,”says Novao.

His other hobbies, rather than playing golf is that he usually enjoys hanging out with his friends and going to the gym. To stay it, Novao goes to the gym a lot to keep himself in shape and fit. His favorite motivational saying is ‘Never give up’ because, that’s what he aims to do. His main goal in golf is to break 50 in a golf match.

“The biggest influence golf has brought to my life, is that it helps me stay on track. I’ve gotten better grades ever since I started playing golf,” says Novao.