Jennisyn Hout ” Strength”

Number 10 Jennisyn Hout is on our school’s varsity basketball team. He plays shooting guard and he is exciting to watch on the court. Jennisyn has great skills as a shooting guard. He takes chances that he knows will benefit his team in the game.

Jennisyn is so smart he uses strategies that college players use while he’s in the game. His favorite basketball player is “Kobe Bryant”. He loves representing his school and motivating others. The most difficult thing about being on the team is “keeping up with grades” says Jennisyn.  He loves being around his teammate, they’re all like family.

He gives a special thanks to all of the coaches and teams he ever played for. For fun he plays video games and practices with his teammates. His favorite college team is “Kentucky Wildcats”, in which is a great team. Jennisyn has a great spirit, and a great personality. He says “ I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me” which shows he is very in tune with his positive side. Jennisyn Hout, peace maker of the team.