Trevione Townsend “Got Game”



Trevione Townsend is a great player on our schools Varsity Basketball team, his number is 24 his known name is “Trey”. Trey is always determined to win he pushes himself over the edge. Townsend’s physique allows him to do things in the natural that others have to work harder to do. Because, he is tall limber and quick he can perform greatly. His actions on and off the court shows that he is an amazing guy. People are going to be looking forward to seeing him play all year.

Everyone loves to see this player play. He is so full of energy and has an awesome personality; he has a smile that can light up the world. Townsend is always positive and may seem very passive. He is nicer than the average player but that doesn’t mean he can’t be aggressive. He tends to get along with just about everyone and he truly brings excitement to the court. Trey is the type of guy to try his best even when he’s not at his best. He makes sure he stays on point and listens to directions. Trey is definatly a big help to this team in addition to being great help he is also a great friend.

Townsend’s favorite basketball player is “Deric Rose” his favorite team is the Chicago Bulls. He tells about his favorite coach “Tom Fibido” who coaches the Bulls” his favorite team. Getting along with teammates and remembering plays are one of the pressures of being on a team” says Townsend. So Trey strives to be a great center and power forward and everyone knows he’s going to be great in the rest of the season. So keep cheering for Trey and he will truly make you proud.