Cheerleading is an intense sport based on routines, that usually up to anywhere from one to three minutes, which contains many move of tumbling, dance, and stunts to perform. In events Cheer, cheers for sports teams at games or to participate in cheer competitions. Cheer has grown since, high school and college football and basketball teams now have their own team. Cheer can be fun, but also dangerous because of the injuries they can have during their performances. Even in their practices injuries can happen at anytime.

The rules in cheer is to help maintain everyone’s safety. The cheer coaches and has some rules that members must follow. During a practice, teams must have a coach present and receive all of the proper training before attempting a routine. In practice they have to do warm-ups, practice their motions, jumps, stunts, chants and cheers,and formation. Cheer is not a easy sport, it takes a lot of skills, practices to get hang of it, and to try out for a team.