Brittney Cooper won’t let anything bring her down

Brittney Cooper point-guard and shooting-guard of the Cesar Chavez High School JV Girls Basketball team.

Brittney Cooper is a sophomore and in the Health Sciences SLC at Cesar Chavez High School. Cooper is the point-guard and shooting-guard for Chavez’s Girls JV Basketball team. She has been playing basketball for three years. Her favorite NBA Basketball team is the Boston Celtics. Cooper says that she is extremely excited to play and win games this season.

“My role model would most definitely be my older sister because, she has a baby and still goes to college, and always gets things done. Having a baby didn’t stop her or bring her down,” says Cooper.

Some expectations Cooper would like to meet are to make more shots, and get more play time. Cooper influenced herself to make her own choices and decisions. In order to keep herself fit, Cooper runs. Running in and out of practice. Other, hobbies rather than playing basketball, Cooper loves dancing. She has been dancing since she was a baby.

“My motivation is myself. I post sticky-notes all over my room to remind myself to never give up,” says Cooper.