Jordan Sanders “Just Do it like Nike”

Jordan Sanders is a power forward on our schools freshman boys’ basketball team. He is determined and ready to attack the court. He has set out goals in which he hopes to achieve and succeed at. Sanders has a great personality and loves to have fun, he is very outgoing and easy to get along with.

What separates Jordan from the rest of his team is his basketball swag; he looks good doing what he does without even trying. It seems to be all natural.

Jordan expresses that Coach Richard is his favorite coach; this coach helps him discover his hidden talents. Jordan says that his favorite basketball team without a doubt is Miami Heat, and his favorite basketball player is Lebron James. He hopes to be as good as Lebron James one day. He also mentions that Cal Berkeley is his favorite college team. These teams in which are his favorite are very good teams and you never know you might see Jordan Sanders on that team one day. Sanders gives a comment about pressure being put on you; if you’re a captain. “Your teammates are depending on you to step up as a captain.”

Jordan is always smiling and optimistic about new opportunities, many believe that Jordan Sanders can get a scholarship to a great college for basketball. Jordan’s famous quote is “Run over all challenges “”Just do it!”