Lineman Tony Colley

cheer on number 64 when yu see him on the field.. ‘woowhoo”

Varsity football player, Tony Colley, loves him some football. Colley is the lineman for his team he  is “rocking” number 64.

Colley says that he thinks this football season is going good but at the same time he doesn’t. He says they do a lot of good things as a team but they also make mistakes as team.

“If we believe in anything, then anything could happen,” said Colley, junior.

Colley has the family kind of bond with his team. His teammates are like brothers to him and he loves them as if they were blood brothers.

His grandmother is his inspiration and she motivates him to do his best every day.

His favorite all time football team are the Vikings, his favorite all time player is Adriane Peterson the running back.  Colley says if his team was to come together and finish strong, they would have an awesome season.