JV’s in for the win

A sophmore named jasmine bun plays for the jv volleyball team.

jasmine bun

A sophmore named Jasmine Bun plays for the JV volleyball team. She’s a hard worker and tries her best in every game. Bun has been playing for a year. Bun is a hard worker who trys her best in every game. The person she looks up to the most is her whole team. She conseders her team as a family. She plays volleyball because it’s something she enjoys.

“To be a better volleyball player,” said Jasmine Bun

An outside hitter is a player who hits and blocks the front left. When it comes to offense this player is usually one of the main passers. The outside hitter gets a lot of hits because she a solid hitter. Also it’s where the ball goes most of the time. For the outside hitter, the high outside pass is the easiest and safest pass when it’s off the net.