John Gayagoy doesn’t stop

Cesar Chavez High School Freshmen Football Starting Full Back.

Malichai Beard John GayagoyJohn Gayagoy is 14 years old, in the Freshmen Academy SLC, and plays freshmen football for Cesar Chavez High School as the starting full back. Gayagoy has been playing football for two years.

“I was influenced by my great friend John Supangan, who is the quarter back of the team,” Gayagoy says. “I really look up to my brother-in-law because, he plays so well, and I want to play just like him.”

To stay motivated, Gayagoy always thinks about how proud he is making his family. In order to keep himself fit, Gayagoy  always portions his foood, and works out every day with the team in the weight room. His favorite NFL football team is the San Fransciso 49ERS. Other than playing football, Gayagoy on his spare time likes to ride his fixed gear bike, and play the ukulele.

“My goal is to make it to pro-ball,” says Gayagoy.

His favorite motivational quote is  “‘Don’t stop, keep going” — by unknown’,” says Gayagoy.