Sergio “Team Leader”

Emotional palyer

Sergio Fernandez plays corner back for the Cesar Chavez High school varsity team.  Fernandez says the first home game was very emotional, due to the fact that it was the first home game on our new field.

He says, “Even though we lost I enjoyed myself.”

Fernandez says he loves to play football.

“Football and I have a strong connection; I’ve been playing for 8 years,” says Sergio.

Fernandez says his team is like his family, he considers them as his brothers. They look out for another.

Fernandez says as a team they need to work on being mentally strong, more like toward the fourth quarter. He says he thinks this season is going to be pretty decent; they have a bright feature ahead of them.

Fernandez says that he personally needs to work on being a leader for his team and be a good example for all of them. He says the team needs more “leaders on the field.”