Must see him play

Darrin Gentry proves that athletes can also be academics.

Darrin Gentry, DJ, was born in Richmond, Calif. Gentry is 18 years old. He plays as receiver and safety on the varsity football team for Cesar Chavez High School.

Gentry wants to get a scholarship for football to a good college, though he plans to go to Ohio state or Cal Berkley. Gentry likes playing football because he says playing varsity is a challenge for him and it’s fun.

Gentry says his goals for this year’s football season is to help his team be where they have to be. He’s going to try his best to make his team succeed. He also says his team has a “REALLY good chance at going to play off”s.”  The team goal is to have a 3.0 G.P.A over all for the whole team.