Running through the wind!

The goals of Adrian Castelan Pichardo.

Supporting the school is a big thing for Adrian Castelan Pichardo and he shows it by being on the schools cross country team. Adrian is a sophomore and he been on the team for a year already and he plans on to be for the rest of his high school years.  No one really inspired him to be on the team and he went out and did it himself .

“Sometimes the only way your going to accomplish your goals is without anyones help,” said Pichardo.

Adrian’s favorite thing about running is the way his hair flows in the wind and it clears his mind off of things. He looks forward to this season to become one of the top runners and maybe get a medal. One of his goals for this season is to improve his time by at least two minutes. He hopes for a great season and the ones to come in the future.