Can Resident Evil 4 Remake be as great as the original?

Can Resident Evil 4 Remake be as great as the original?

Resident Evil 4 originally came out on January 11, 2005, and was exclusively on the GameCube for a limited time but was later ported to other consoles and even to the Oculus Quest 2.

You play as Leon Kennedy who is sent on a mission by the president of the United States to rescue his daughter from a cult in a Spain-inspired area, and you have to fight through infected enemies and bosses to complete the mission. The game sold around 10.2 million units which is great, but at release, the game sales were low because it was on GameCube only at first, but later ports helped the game sell really well.

A remake was announced back in June 2022 at the Sony State of Play and is almost ready for release, the game will release on March 24th, 2023. The developers said that the game will mostly stay the same, but there will be new things that are added. Game Informer recently got a chance to get gameplay and interviews from the developers and the game looks promising.

There is one thing I’ve been hearing the most is that the rain looks bad, similar to the GTA Definitive Edition where the rain is bright and makes it hard to see, it could even hurt your eyes, but the game is still in development, so hopefully the Devs can fix how the rain looks. The graphics look way better than the original and look smoother. There are more melee combat moves and parries, and also stealth mechanics which weren’t in the original. The controls are way better for modern gaming, but the Devs said that there is an option to have the old tank control scheme.

It’s not all the same since there are new mechanics in the game. You can now swap weapons in-game instead of going into your inventory which is a nice feature we needed. There are also some new enemies, some of them looked like they were scrapped or never used in the original. There are also new weapons to use and more side quests to do.

A PSVR 2 update is confirmed for the PS5 version of the Remake which will allow you to play the game in a first-person perspective in VR, but there is no release date for the update. The RE4 remake looks great, but can it be as great or better than the original? It’s a similar case to the Dead Space Remake, but I think that the RE4 remake will be a success and possibly be better than the original.