Aunt Jemima Should’ve Been Gone Years Ago

Aunt Jemima Shouldve Been Gone Years Ago

I always find it interesting how people have complained about the removal of Aunt Jemima products in stores. They ask what’s the point, but don’t bother to do the research. Reminder, Google is free along with safari and every other website to look up information. But then I have to remember that most people don’t care about ignorance and how it affects those around us.
The origins of Aunt Jemima come from racial stereotypes. It was a racist caricature that stemmed from slavery. Not to mention that “Aunt Jemima” was never a real person, it all began because of a White man in blackface. Yes, there may have been a Black woman who represented the company, but it’s still rooted in ignorance. Aunt Jemima was not a representation of Black people at all, and it’s odd that so many people think so. At the end of the day, the syrup still tastes the same, as does the pancake batter. Companies who used their “jokes” about Black people to build their brand should be ashamed.