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9 Jpops songs to listen to in your spare time

Music is the language of sounds, even though we can’t comprehend it completely, we can certainly feel the emotions of the people and culture through its vocals, visual, or its tempos. Nowadays, it seems that music of a foreign language can become popular worldwide regardless of the language barrier and this is especially true for the ever-famous Gangnam Style by PSY in Korean or Despacito by Luis Fonsi in Spanish because they both top the music chart in their respective year. Jpops, on the other hand, is weirdly inconsistent with itself that it is very popular in its own country as well as some growing parts of Western countries like the US and UK, but haven’t really invested wildly into the international market as Kpop does. So I’ve gathered nine different Jpops songs that would revitalize your views on the potential of Jpops.

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Rolling Girl by Wowaka
Drop Pop Candy by Giga-P and Reol
『ポラリス』(Polaris) by Blue Encount
I wanna be a girl by Mafumafu
ホントノワタシ/ (The Real Me) by HoneyWorks
The Secret About That Girl by Eve
Diagnosis: Love Sickness by HoneyWorks
ロキ / Roki by P /mikitoP
“Say It.” by Yorushika

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