Spotting where not to work at


Caitlin Thov, Columnist/Reporter

I’ve recently had an interview experience, that completely threw off the whole chase of the job. After submitting my resume, I had immediately heard back from the employer to come in for an interview the next day. I had accepted it because it had caught my attention as it paid a lot more than the current job I was in. As soon as I arrived, I had the impression that it would be a great interview. With the confidence I had and how positively I was introduced to them, my expectations for a great interview were set, at least based on my previous interview experiences. I was, however, completely wrong.

Mr. Burns from The Simpsons: a cold-hearted, money-driven boss.

First impressions are a big thing, and usually, when a manager is eager to hire you, it puts up a red flag. When I had been interviewed, it was completely unprofessional. I had gotten asked about my family situation. Yes, they had brought up my parent’s separation. Lectured me about stating my availability when I said I needed flexibility for school.

Then they used phrases like, “You can’t do that here. How would that even work out going to school and working? You didn’t do all of that from your resume.” What really shocked me was when they had the audacity right after to say that once you start, you can NEVER call into miss work. The emphasis was put on that it does not matter if there was a funeral, broke a leg, or anything else.  Job first was their motto. 

I was sitting in the chair dumbfounded. I’d understand consistent call-offs and the frustration of how it would affect the workplace, but I have never heard from any industry with no type of remorse. Their branding had claimed to have wanted a positive environment and great attitude, but hearing about my parents not being together, was not the most positive aspect, nevertheless being told to elaborate into it. For a dollar more than my pay wage right now, it was not worth the hardship that I would be enduring mentally and physically.