Who is the most notorious Serial Killer?


I’ve always had a weird, dark obsession with the way the mind works. Not just any mind. The mind of a killer. I stay up at night watching scary films, documentaries, interviews, anything that I can use to observe the behaviors and body language of the individual. 

Ted Bundy doesn’t scare me. His tactics on picking up the victims are too basic for me. Hitchhikers, college students, and girls in social events were always who he targeted the most. 

Charles Manson doesn’t scare me either. Yes, he’s clearly insane. If you knew his childhood behaviors, you would understand completely why he did what he did. You would understand that he isn’t as terrifying as you’d think, rather pathetic. 

The Zodiac killer played with the detectives like a board game and 50 years later never got caught. This confuses me because he was the least cautious serial killer when it came to both committing the crime and cleaning the scene. 

Jeffery Dahmer is just another Charles Manson. He too showed MANY behaviors which were later involved in his adulthood murder spree. He is also pathetic in my view.

There is only one serial killer who truly sticks out the most. Richard Ramirez, aka, the Nightstalker.

On February 29, 1960, a little baby boy was born. He had 4 siblings, Robert, Ruth, Joseph, and Ruben. Described by others as a “good student,” he was raised in a strict Catholic family. He began to isolate himself from others and was considered a “loner” around the age of 9. 

This young boy would in later years become one of the most notorious serial killers of all time. 

At the age of 12, Richar Ramirez was shown pictures of Vietnamese women by his cousin who he raped, tortured, and killed during the Vietnam war. This could be one of the most contributing factors to why he did what he did.

I’m most intrigued with the Nightstalker, not because of his devilishly handsome looks, but because I believe he was TRULY evil. Manson found himself in prison, and warned the prison not to let him out or else he would kill again. This means he isn’t really evil, just an individual who needed guidance. Not the Nightstalker though. 

The Nightstalker had faith in one thing only, satanism. He carried this faith with him until the day he died. He showed no sympathy when it came to his victims’ terrifying last moments. 14 people in total were killed by the Nightstalker, and at least 2 dozen victims were raped and tortured.

He killed with passion like he was BORN for it. He liked to look into the victim’s eyes during the notorious murders. 

What did he do after he would kill? Richard would often raid the victim’s fridge, throw up in the living room, and masturbate. Detective Frank Salerno stated, “he got comfortable after killing someone, he would take the time to have a snack. That’s a pretty sick individual.” Yes indeed, the Night Stalker really was one the sickest serial killer of all time.