Bowser’s Fury, objective survive

Bowsers Fury, objective survive

Bowser’s Fury is a new game mode that came out with the switch release of the Mario 3d land that was from the Wii U. With the add-on of Bowser’s Fury, people would buy the game with this addition more than the old game.

Bowser’s Fury comes out with about 5 hours of gameplay, 100 new Mario collectibles called cat shines, and you get to fight what people call “god slayer bowser” throughout the game. 

The thing I liked most about Bowser’s Fury is that there is a lot of water and you can ride on the animal that is the most iconic 3d Mario character for swimming, Plessie. The thing I hated the most about Bowser’s Fury is the fact that you can get challenging levels that are easily beatable by a common power-up. 

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Final analysis:

The game has a movement that is similar to another game known as Super Mario Odyssey. While it not might be the same as the previous game, it’s certainly a great mix with a classic Mario game mixed with power-ups.

I certainly believe that this game is worth buying for the add-on content with the original game, for it is one of the best Mario games ever made.


I rate this game 7.8/10