Strict Parents During a Pandemic

Strict Parents During a Pandemic

Ever since the stay-at-home order was set out and we weren’t allowed to go anywhere besides the grocery store, my life has not been the same. Being my father’s youngest daughter and only child who lives with him, he is quite protective of me. Before the whole pandemic, he was already hesitant to let me out of the house so you could only imagine his joy when I had no choice, but to stay home. 

At first, I understood the severity of my going out and taking the risk that I could get sick, and possibly get others sick. But as time went on and places started to open up that is when things started to bother me. My dad refused to let me go out even if I was just going to a nearby friend’s house. I could not go anywhere and every day began to feel the same. Having to stay home and do the same things every day, the things I used to love doing became boring to me. 

I was not allowed to get a job or learn how to drive either while everyone around me seemed to have their life no longer on pause like mine. It felt like I was stuck as a freshman when in reality I was already a junior. I wanted to go out, even if it was for an hour. It’s crazy how one can feel trapped in their own home, but that’s what COVID-19 does to people. 

Parents nowadays see it as us teenagers are glued to our phones and that can keep us amused. But as teenagers, we want to be with our friends. Soon enough we’re off to college away from family and friends. If we did not get the fun that we wanted in high school what makes our parents think we won’t try and get it when we are in college away from them? 

Maybe I’m still too young to understand why my parents are the way they are. It truly isn’t fun, but I understand wanting to keep your daughter safe.