A guide to having fun during COVID


     If you’re anything like me, you probably get bored very easily and during this pandemic, it is even easier to get bored. I don’t have social media, nor groups of friends, and no ‘love life.’  Therefore, for someone who almost literally lives under a rock, I have an ENORMOUS imagination to fulfill my entertainment and introverted needs.  This is my guide to having fun during Covid. 

You don’t like to go to parties because you know you’ll be a wallflower try bringing the party back home instead. For example,  I blast music either in my earphones, on my record player, or just my Bluetooth speaker so I can create that concert effect. Next, and this is crucial,  I just dance and sing my heart out. 

I know what you are thinking, what do you do when the neighbors complain about the sound music and singing of the one  woman party? Well, I move onto my next activity, which is playing an instrument.

For the Musical lovers, if you don’t know how to play an instrument, then LEARN immediately. Now is honestly the best time to learn and try new hobbies considering we need to stay at home in order to keep our community safe. For those who don’t have an instrument, pull out some pillows and get creative. Make a pretend drum set and learn the basic rules of playing drums or bongos online. 

As for the artistic ones, practice your makeup, hair, nails, sewing, painting, drawing. You could do this anywhere too. Mirrors, walls, closets, outlets, phone cases, and many more. (As long as you hide it from your strict parents as I did.) I have no regrets about painting my closet doors. Not only does it make my room look 10x cooler, but it was fun passing the time stuck indoors. 

Athletic people, I know how much it sucks to want to be out on the field right now, but DON’T let yourself become a couch potato. Practice at home, stretch, work out, and fulfill your goals in your Physical activity. You want to lose weight or gain muscle? Now’s the time to do it. 

If you’re bored, I also suggest getting in the kitchen and getting creative. Something I learned during this pandemic is that I LOVE to cook. Not only is it therapeutic, time-consuming, and tasty, but it’s so much more fun than I expected. 

Changing up your appearance once in a while isn’t such a bad thing. Take it from someone who’s had over 6 different hair colors in the past 3 years, it’s an exciting and fun feeling. Completely opposite from being bored. Maybe you don’t want to damage your hair. Getting a new piercing, tattoo, clothes, or just a haircut can also make your life feel even more interesting. 

Just remember whatever it is you decide to do, just don’t get bangs, every time I got them I regretted them almost immediately. In all seriousness, whatever you decide to do, remember to consider your and others’ health around you.