2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat


The Dodge Durango first came out in 1998 model year, the current version has been on sale since 2011 without a redesign which makes it one of the oldest designs in the car industry. Dodge has updated it over the years to make it more modern especially in 2021, it’s getting a few new changes such as a new front end design, new rear end design, new lighting, few interior upgrades, and a 710hp V8.

To put it into perspective the next most powerful SUV would be the Mercedes AMG gls 63, costing around $140k and makes 603hp. The fastest SUV in the world is the Bentley Bentayga speed, it has around 630hp. Both cars are insane, but the Durango beats both of them by any reasonable measure. The Hellcat Durango costs around $85k, but it has the performance and acceleration of a Ferrari, the seating capacity of a minivan, and is able to haul 8,000lbs like a pickup truck.

The base version of the Durango has smoother-looking front and rear bumpers which is nice, but the Hellcat version makes them look more aggressive which really complements the car especially when you’re flying down the highway with 710hp. The Durango is a really good SUV especially for the price you’re paying and the features you get.