My Learning Experience with Music


On a daily basis, a lot of us listen to music. There are some songs and music that you may consider to be the best music you’ve ever listened to. And for some of us, we hum to our favorite tunes, or tap to the beat and rhythms, or even nod our heads to the song.

When it comes to music, it’s something that everyone can learn. Of course, if you want to learn.

In my case, I’ve been trying to learn the piano and trying to learn how to sing – not really good at any of those, but I decided to give it a try.

I did have some experience with piano and singing before when I was younger. I started out slow and simple – playing the piano keys with only one finger and learning how to properly sing to match pitches, so that I would not sound out of tune. At first, it was hard because everything was so new, and I was still experiencing the basics.

When I got into middle school, I started to feel insecure. On the internet, I saw young children playing instruments better and singing better than me. In my head, I thought that I lacked in many things and that I wasn’t going to be as good as they already were. Because of these insecurities, I lacked in practice – a lot. For years, I felt insecure and was scared to even watch talent shows. I thought that I would never be as good as those talented people.

It was only till recently that I got back into playing piano and singing. I was able to come back into learning music. Now, I’m reflecting back on how long I lacked in practicing music. Even though I felt behind from others, I really did miss playing the piano and singing.

You might be wondering… “How were you able to come back to learning music if you had those insecurities?”

I actually still have insecurities here and there when it comes to people who have more musical talent, but these insecurities are getting smaller as time goes by. I was able to come back because I love music, and I do want to continue learning music. Sure, I may be a little less experienced than others, but that’s not going to stop me anymore.

I learned that it’s okay to not be good at everything. Still reflecting back, I am proud of the journey that I’ve started and proud that I tried to do something. For piano, I went from “playing piano keys with one finger” to “learning how to play with just my right hand.” For singing, I went from “singing out of tune” to “easily singing along to the songs I like, no in tune.”

I learned that learning to sing or play an instrument is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what age you are when you start to learn. What matters is the determination and the choice to work hard on what you want to learn. And this isn’t just for learning music – it’s for learning anything.

Everyone has different experiences, views, and thoughts on things. It’s just up to you on what decision you want to make and be willing to face the consequences, whether it’s good consequences or bad consequences.

Work hard for what you love and want in life!