2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye


The fastest sedan on earth without a doubt would have to be the Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye, having over 800hp and clocking in at over 200mph. The current version of the Charger has been around for years, but Dodge seems to always come out with an even better high performance model from before. It started with the SRT then the 392 to the Hellcat and then to the Hellcat widebody, and now the Charger Redeye. The Redeye has a sticker price of $87,000.

The Redeye is equipped with a massive engine Last year the hellcat was the most powerful and fastest Charger, but now the Redeye tops it with 797hp and 707lb-ft. It will do 203mph while running a 10.6 quarter mile time straight out of the factory. One of the best powertrain components of the Redeye, besides the supercharger, has to be the power chiller. The power chiller uses the air conditioning refrigerant to cool down the supercharger. After doing repeated drag strip runs the engine gets hot, many people actually put ice in their engine to help cool it down but with redeye it does it for you.

The only complaint the Charger Redeye has is the interior. Dodge has degraded many things about the interior such as the center control stack is all made of cheap plastic, the glove box latch looks like the cheapest latch Dodge could have found, and the Charger doesn’t even have automatic windshield wipers. This doesn’t matter because if you ask anybody with the Redeye what they would add to the car with $10k they would say more power not interior upgrades.