New COD Black Ops May Actually be Fun


I have a lot of high hopes for this Black Ops since the last two were complete trash. After playing the beta demo I was given hope, because I actually had fun. The maps they gave us for the beta were kind of bad in my opinion, but the guns and the way they ran the beta were smooth and made it fun to play again.

This is the way they did it. First, you could only reach a certain level every weekend. I think they did this so that it was fun to play every weekend that they put the beta back out.  It allowed every weekend to be a more challenging and exciting experience. My favorite gun to use during the beta was the mp5 because you could be fast and do damage at the same time. Snipers are always going to be favored in Black Ops so I really have nothing to say about them, they are as good as always.

What I and most other people didn’t like was the game play. They’re saying its too fast and its just an anti-camper game. Their map designs are the same old 3 lane maps. Skill based match making is a big problem also as you do good one game and you got call of duty league players coming at you when you’re just trying to have fun. People also think its just a remake of Modern warfare and they are trying to make it their own, from the gunsmith to the game modes. However, overall I had a very enjoyable experience, not once, but over multiple weekends trying out the Beta.